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Project Overview

There is widespread recognition that the UK construction industry must embrace new and better ways of working if it is to remain competitive and meet the needs of its ever demanding clients. Project delivery in construction is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the team put together to execute the project. In many cases this is a function of how well members of the team work collaboratively and how effective the communications infrastructure used by the team is. Significant efforts have been invested in recent years to develop tools and techniques that enable distributed teams of professionals to work collaboratively. Some of these systems were able to improve some aspects of collaborative working but did not address the dynamics of construction organisations, projects, and processes sufficiently enough. The business and cultural environments within which collaboration takes place still remains important issues to be investigated.

The work proposed in this research will focus on high level strategic decision making to identify areas where collaborative working is to be improved taking into account organisational, project and users needs. The organisational priorities for collaborative working will be considered together with project needs, users’ requirements and technologies to develop a decision making framework that can facilitate the strategic planning and implementation of effective collaborative working policies and practices. When carefully planned and if based on informed decisions, it is believed that these policies and practices will help organisations improve their collaborative working, achieve full benefits from it, and maximise the use of tools and techniques available. Particular attention will be given to the challenging requirements of distributed, heterogeneous and transient construction project teams together with the need to facilitate ubiquitous and serendipitous collaboration between team members and across the stages in the project delivery process.